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NCSA Constitution
(Amended June 1991; November 1994; August 2007)

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Nebraska Council of School Administrators, hereafter referred to as NCSA.

Article II - Objective and Purposes

The organization recognizes that there is a common responsibility of leadership in all administrative levels of education in the State of Nebraska, that there is a need for concentrating the knowledge, judgment, and influence of all administrators in matters affecting the quality of education in the state.

The objectives of this organization are: to provide an opportunity for continuous study of the mutual professional challenges facing school administrators; to make its members aware of public educational issues; to provide a forum for the continuous communication and cooperation in matters of mutual concern to all levels of school administrators; and to cooperate with other organizations in the promotion of effective education and to render appropriate professional assistance to the membership upon request.

Article III - Membership

NCSA shall be a Council of the following member affiliate associations: Nebraska Association of Elementary School Principals, Nebraska Association of School Administrators, Nebraska Association of School Business Officials, Nebraska Association of Special Education Supervisors, Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals and such other member affiliate associations as the Executive Board may from time to time designate.  In order to maintain good standing in the Council, each member affiliate association shall adhere to the policies adopted by the Executive Board.  Active members shall be offered the opportunity to affiliate with another member affiliate member association so long as such members qualify under the membership requirements of another member affiliate association.

NCSA shall also be comprised of a retired affiliate association which shall be the Nebraska Association of Retired School Administrators.

Membership shall consist of active, associate and retired members:

(1) Active members shall be individuals who are practicing administrators in education in Nebraska.  Each active member shall have the privilege of participating in the programs of all NCSA associations but shall designate one affiliated association as his/her primary membership association.  Active members shall be afforded the privileges of voting and election to office, and shall be eligible for legal defense services.

(2) Associate members shall be individuals from colleges and universities, State Department of Education, vocational and technical schools, retired administrators, full-time graduate students and friends of education.  Persons who are not practicing school administrators but who are qualified to do so may elect to join as either an active or associate member.  Associate members will be afforded all the services of active membership except voting privileges, election to office, and legal services.

(3) Retired members from the active membership category will be afforded all services of active membership except election to office and legal services.  Retired members will belong to the retired affiliate association, the Nebraska Association of Retired School Administrators (NARSA).  Effective September 1, 2008, a prospective NARSA member must have been an active member for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to joining NARSA, except that payment of dues equal to the amount of three consecutive years of active membership may be paid in lieu of actual active membership.

The NCSA will encourage membership from all Nebraska public and non-public schools, Educational Service Units, colleges and universities, State Department of Education, county superintendents, retired administrators, and friends of education.

Article IV - Membership on the Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Board shall consist of the president and two other members from each of the member associations listed in Article III.  It will be the responsibility of each of the member associations, in accordance with their constitutions, to appoint or elect their representatives to the Executive Board by September 1 of each year.

Article V - Organization of the Executive Board

SECTION 1.  The officers of the Executive Board shall be chair and vice-chair.  The officers will be elected by the Executive Board.

SECTION 2.  The Executive Board shall hold an annual meeting of the general membership and shall meet at other times upon the call of the Chair.  The Executive Board shall appoint Executive Director, who will not be a voting member.  The Executive Director shall be employed on a full-time basis and his/her salary/benefits and duties shall be fixed by the Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall have authority to prepare a budget and to approve the expenditures of monies of the Council.

The Executive Board shall act on questions of policy for the Council in the interim between annual meetings and report its action to the membership.  It shall carry out plans and policies adopted by the Council.

Article VI - Committees

Appointive committees shall be of two kinds:  standing and special committees.  Standing and special committees shall be appointed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Board.

In making appointments, the Chair shall give due consideration to representation from the organizations which make up the NCSA.

Article VII - Dues

Active membership dues shall be determined annually by the NCSA Executive Board.

The membership year shall begin September 1st and end August 31st.  First time members will be admitted anytime the first year on a pro-rated basis.

Article VIII - Audits

SECTION 1.  The fiscal year of the Council shall be from the first of September to the thirty-first of August of the following year.

SECTION 2.  The Executive Board shall appoint an auditing firm each year to audit the accounts of the organization.  The audit shall be done within sixty days following the close of the fiscal year.

SECTION 3.  A copy of the auditor’s report shall be mailed by the Executive Director to Executive Board members.  A summary will be provided to the general membership.

Article IX - Meetings

The Executive Board shall conduct an annual meeting of the general membership of the affiliate organizations.  Other meetings of the general membership may be held, subject to the call of the Executive Board.

Article X - Amendments

SECTION 1.  This constitution may be amended by having the proposed amendment approved by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board; and

SECTION 2.  Proposed amendments must be submitted to the members of the Council thirty days before the proposed amendment is to be voted upon; and

SECTION 3.  The vote shall be conducted by mail with a majority of those voting being necessary for approval.
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